According to the ‘sight and hearing’ the main point of this article is that need to know what business that sound or that image has there, we need to understand the companies demanding. Secondly, we need to combine the sound and image, the relationship between the sound and image is tricky, the sound cannot entirely replace an image and image cannot neutralize. And both of they cannot rescue each other. They both cannot be equal, because when in a film, the function of sound and image is equal, they will damage or kill each other, for example, when we drawing , we cannot cover any thing in the frame, they must have one object which can appeal the viewers if all the objects are important. The whole picture will be equal. it will be the painting become normal.

So most of the case, Image and sound must not support each other, but must work each in turn though a sort of relay.

Finally, in this article, the author claims that your film just resemble what you see on shutting your eyes. (you  must be capable, at any instant , of seeing and hearing it entire. ) It is definitely right, because we need to have a shooting map in our head. these creative thinking is totally important for directors and actors.

Actor and Director:

There are several things intrigue me is that the actor of talent, they work from intuition, instinct and impulse rather than critical and intellectual comprehension. Before I read this article, as an actor, the most important thing for them which is expertise shills, they need to how to look better in frame and when need to go to the right position, or they can be aware of before they step in front of a camera. This experience may be the most important things to help the actor to film the project. Because the actor of talent even have a good knowledge of specific camera lenses. they know how they will be framed with shot.

However, impulse would seem to be the opposite of thought , because thought is the result of premeditated and conscious awareness. And some good actor of talent might be have a imagination in the mind. Of course in some cases, this techniques of performances skills  will have a  good performance , but thinking too much  his/her performance might be too premeditated and not spontaneous. I agree with that, sometimes impulse and intuition performance will be more charming and reality.

A scene

屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.30.11 屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.30.36

In this screen shot, the shot was using wide shot and when we look more closer in these pictures we can easily recognize that it use the zoom angle, the camera moves towards and away from a particular object, in this shot, it is used to make the actor appear closer to the building.

屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.31.04 屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.31.29

This is MS-medium shot in this pictures and it is eye angle, it means that an eye angle places the audience on eye-level with the character. Moreover, in this take, it may use tracking angle, the camera moves along with the actors. The camera may be in ten wheels, combining the two

different angles, the character is on equal footing with audience. It looks more reality.

屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.31.47 屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.32.05 屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.32.30

.In this three pictures, it use the similar way to shot the actors. It uses medium shot with the actors and the using zoom angle, the camera moves towards the actors and be more closer to shot the actors faces. In this shot, the focus had a slow speed to get to the actors. and finally the shot focus on the actress’ face

屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.37.18 屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.37.50 屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.38.01

In here, it is using little low angle to shot the actor, and the men right in the scene, speaking to the women, so in those pictures, we can clear see that in the low angle, the camera is placed looking up on the subject or object. So we can feel the powerful and it make the character look more dominant. the camera also use zoom angle to get more closer to the actor, move toward to the actor,I think in this way, audiences may also get more attention to the man who speaking.

屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.38.51 屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.39.00 屏幕快照 2015-03-31 下午5.39.10

In the last three pictures, it shot the actor walking in the street, and the background was just the walls, in this shot the camera use the CU-close shot or medium shot, it just shot the actor’s shoulder and head. It is eye angle as well, it indicate that the character is on equal footing with viewers. It also use the tracking angle to shot. Because the character move very smooth, so the camera may move along with the actor. In this angle, the camera is usually on wheels. It engages the viewers in the action where they can feel part of it.

prompt Crew Roles

Developing your own crew

Before I read this article, I might think superficial in hiring crews, because training the own crews, the most important things is that giving employees the technical skills and experience, but in this field, they have two points which need to pay more attention on it. It is commitment and ideas and identity.

Every one you recruit must understand and accept your commitment to the project, of course this is definitely important thing when you recruit employees, but the thing surprise me a lot is that before committing to crew members, technical expertise and experiences is not most important way to measure employees’ ability. this is surprise me because in most of jobs, expertise technical and experience is primary way to measure one’s ability but in this field, it require all cast and crew to word well with each others. So it considers crew members’s temperaments and their individual interest and even hobbies. Basic on this  people may  work together in a good mood.

The one ting also surprised me is that in Crew Roles for drama production, there is  a figure showing about departments of producer, there are clarify the every single crew. It say that ‘No crew functions well unless roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and a chain of command is established’. When I read the function of every role, the first thing come into my mind is that why need so many crew in this field. I mean that it may waste money to recruit more unnecessary employees. Because some crew do the similar jobs  And what about a low-budget film? is that can work well with perhaps six to ten persons. but maybe each crew member’s have their own responsibilities and the strengths and weakness,so it need to each department to cover each others.

Goals and Desires

In this semester, because I have no any background of media. I am totally a green hand in these field. In this class ‘sound and image’  I have several courses about how to setting up the mixer, camera, mic and earphone. I’m very excited about these new things. So in this semester, I hope I can familiar the devices and other facilities. But in the tutorials, it is difference than what l thought before, because I think this course  do some after effect or do something about design, but actually it teach us very basis skills and informations, It is also very good for students like me who have no any background information about media.In this course I try to figure out the devices and write down the shot list and then prepare the shot order. All of this stuff need to collaborate and discuss with group members .

Besides, we have a course about shot method and shot movement. Because this lesson is very basis of shooting, so in this semester, I hope I can familiar with its operation and use it.Trying to use  different shot angle and movement to film a same location or other else, and then analysis it. But before this, I think the most important things is how to make every thing run perfectly. Media is not individual game, because it need many departments to work together. For example, shot a film need director, 1st AD  and so on, so every single department need to work well. Everyone need to take responsible for the preparation. So it is vital role for anyone.  After that ,we need to think about how to produce a film. Through this semester I hope we will have a great experience with media, we can get understand more about in this field

Prompt-Reflective Write

What is reflective writing

There has a one thing is new for me, writing reflectively is a ‘melting pot’ which put a number of thoughts, feelings, and other forms of awareness, and perhaps new information. Sorting it out in our head, in this process, it may have new thing comes up. When we express the sorting out on paper. In this circular procession, we may recognize that we learnt something new or that we need to reflect more with. So reflective writing help people to be more clear about something, for example, you may use reflective writing  to record or to produce a new storytelling. In my opinion when we combine different ideas, feelings even other people’s perspectives and suggestion, it hard to remix all the things, but reflective writing is ‘cognitive housekeeping, helping us to rethink process.

Quality of reflective writing

Being on continuum from rather superficial writing.Obviously, when we have reflective writing, most of time  we will think  straightforward  and ‘tidy” process itself, but the true is that the tutor or audiences need ‘more’ they do not need a briefly describe or just a conclusion.I have a similar experience with superficial writing. Because we have a storytelling about India. At beginning, I just think some elements about India like colors, yoga, population, and historical sites, but when we begin to write the reflection of these things, we think it hard to have a deeper description,  it is hard to think a story which have a profound effect, because our thinking is superficial and general. So we gather other’s people ideas, prospective and advice. These things help us to be more focus on more specific things, it also encourage me to be more continuum in storytelling. It reminds me to think more ’pitch’ and need to go beyond to the descriptive writing.