Goals and Desires

In this semester, because I have no any background of media. I am totally a green hand in these field. In this class ‘sound and image’  I have several courses about how to setting up the mixer, camera, mic and earphone. I’m very excited about these new things. So in this semester, I hope I can familiar the devices and other facilities. But in the tutorials, it is difference than what l thought before, because I think this course  do some after effect or do something about design, but actually it teach us very basis skills and informations, It is also very good for students like me who have no any background information about media.In this course I try to figure out the devices and write down the shot list and then prepare the shot order. All of this stuff need to collaborate and discuss with group members .

Besides, we have a course about shot method and shot movement. Because this lesson is very basis of shooting, so in this semester, I hope I can familiar with its operation and use it.Trying to use  different shot angle and movement to film a same location or other else, and then analysis it. But before this, I think the most important things is how to make every thing run perfectly. Media is not individual game, because it need many departments to work together. For example, shot a film need director, 1st AD  and so on, so every single department need to work well. Everyone need to take responsible for the preparation. So it is vital role for anyone.  After that ,we need to think about how to produce a film. Through this semester I hope we will have a great experience with media, we can get understand more about in this field

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