prompt Crew Roles

Developing your own crew

Before I read this article, I might think superficial in hiring crews, because training the own crews, the most important things is that giving employees the technical skills and experience, but in this field, they have two points which need to pay more attention on it. It is commitment and ideas and identity.

Every one you recruit must understand and accept your commitment to the project, of course this is definitely important thing when you recruit employees, but the thing surprise me a lot is that before committing to crew members, technical expertise and experiences is not most important way to measure employees’ ability. this is surprise me because in most of jobs, expertise technical and experience is primary way to measure one’s ability but in this field, it require all cast and crew to word well with each others. So it considers crew members’s temperaments and their individual interest and even hobbies. Basic on this  people may  work together in a good mood.

The one ting also surprised me is that in Crew Roles for drama production, there is  a figure showing about departments of producer, there are clarify the every single crew. It say that ‘No crew functions well unless roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and a chain of command is established’. When I read the function of every role, the first thing come into my mind is that why need so many crew in this field. I mean that it may waste money to recruit more unnecessary employees. Because some crew do the similar jobs  And what about a low-budget film? is that can work well with perhaps six to ten persons. but maybe each crew member’s have their own responsibilities and the strengths and weakness,so it need to each department to cover each others.

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