Prompt-Reflective Write

What is reflective writing

There has a one thing is new for me, writing reflectively is a ‘melting pot’ which put a number of thoughts, feelings, and other forms of awareness, and perhaps new information. Sorting it out in our head, in this process, it may have new thing comes up. When we express the sorting out on paper. In this circular procession, we may recognize that we learnt something new or that we need to reflect more with. So reflective writing help people to be more clear about something, for example, you may use reflective writing  to record or to produce a new storytelling. In my opinion when we combine different ideas, feelings even other people’s perspectives and suggestion, it hard to remix all the things, but reflective writing is ‘cognitive housekeeping, helping us to rethink process.

Quality of reflective writing

Being on continuum from rather superficial writing.Obviously, when we have reflective writing, most of time  we will think  straightforward  and ‘tidy” process itself, but the true is that the tutor or audiences need ‘more’ they do not need a briefly describe or just a conclusion.I have a similar experience with superficial writing. Because we have a storytelling about India. At beginning, I just think some elements about India like colors, yoga, population, and historical sites, but when we begin to write the reflection of these things, we think it hard to have a deeper description,  it is hard to think a story which have a profound effect, because our thinking is superficial and general. So we gather other’s people ideas, prospective and advice. These things help us to be more focus on more specific things, it also encourage me to be more continuum in storytelling. It reminds me to think more ’pitch’ and need to go beyond to the descriptive writing.

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