According to the ‘sight and hearing’ the main point of this article is that need to know what business that sound or that image has there, we need to understand the companies demanding. Secondly, we need to combine the sound and image, the relationship between the sound and image is tricky, the sound cannot entirely replace an image and image cannot neutralize. And both of they cannot rescue each other. They both cannot be equal, because when in a film, the function of sound and image is equal, they will damage or kill each other, for example, when we drawing , we cannot cover any thing in the frame, they must have one object which can appeal the viewers if all the objects are important. The whole picture will be equal. it will be the painting become normal.

So most of the case, Image and sound must not support each other, but must work each in turn though a sort of relay.

Finally, in this article, the author claims that your film just resemble what you see on shutting your eyes. (you  must be capable, at any instant , of seeing and hearing it entire. ) It is definitely right, because we need to have a shooting map in our head. these creative thinking is totally important for directors and actors.

Actor and Director:

There are several things intrigue me is that the actor of talent, they work from intuition, instinct and impulse rather than critical and intellectual comprehension. Before I read this article, as an actor, the most important thing for them which is expertise shills, they need to how to look better in frame and when need to go to the right position, or they can be aware of before they step in front of a camera. This experience may be the most important things to help the actor to film the project. Because the actor of talent even have a good knowledge of specific camera lenses. they know how they will be framed with shot.

However, impulse would seem to be the opposite of thought , because thought is the result of premeditated and conscious awareness. And some good actor of talent might be have a imagination in the mind. Of course in some cases, this techniques of performances skills  will have a  good performance , but thinking too much  his/her performance might be too premeditated and not spontaneous. I agree with that, sometimes impulse and intuition performance will be more charming and reality.

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