keyboard shortcuts

When we talk about keyboard shortcuts, the two keyboard shortcuts that come into my mind are Command+C and Command+V. These two shortcuts are very commonly used in workshop office and in other software.

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful for workers to speed up their work efficiency. I used to use Photoshop to edit images, and I realized that by using the keyboard shortcuts it really does save time as I don’t need to use mouse to open a new folder or to save the document as the keyboard shortcuts can do all of these. Another funny thing about it is that when you get used to using keyboard shortcuts, you may forget where and how to find those function in toolbar.

We now use Premier to edit videos, before this I had never used it before. Therefore, this software is still quite new to me. I only know very basis keyboard shortcuts in this software, like how to use keyboard shortcuts to save, undo, copy, paste and select all, and another one is starting the cutting of video by pressing ‘I’ and the ending of it by pressing ‘O’. Of course those keyboard shortcuts are very basis for beginners.  So I searched on Google to find more keyboard shortcuts that were used in Premiere, and I found a lot that were very useful and saved a lot of time during the editing process. But it is really hard for people who are beginners in using Premiere to remember all of the keyboard shortcuts

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