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When editing the video, I realize that new media technologies  is really important to improve the movies quality.

I read a book about Using new media technologies to transform film. The author Grieb, Margit says that In the last decade the term “new media has all not become synonymous with emerging digital technologies. New media emerge from within a historical, socio-political  so I strongly believe that new media should be used as improving the process of filmmaking, but sometimes New media technology may be confuse some people who are focusing on showing the new technique of new media. When people using new media to produce a film ,director cannot  just shot something meaningless, or illuminate how powerful of new media function as a technology in a film. Actually new media should be as a dynamic force in contemporary culture

I think about why most of the audiences are not interested in documentary,  even they don’t think documentary is a film.  Sometimes Filmmaker use large budget to produce a documentary with new media and even they use a lot of new technologies to shot a documentary, but it still can’t catch the audiences attention.  I think because producer or director they didn’t think about how to use culture thing to appeal the audiences, or they just showing the film visual effect. But  of course

New Media Technologies is really good thing to help filmmaker to edit and improve the quality of film

Prompt: Pawel Pawilkovski and Richard Leacock

This article was talking about why audience are not interested in documentaries.

The opinion of the author is that Most documentaries claim to be simply recording reality. however, the author claims that For me the point of making films is not to convey objective information about the world, but to show it as I see it and to find a form which is relevant.

Choice the subject is crucial for film making. But for the author is not just see what he see through its eyes. This is definitely true because when you making a film, we need to be professional whatever you shot, and most important thing is that the film need to be spiritual yourself and then it can be spiritual audiences.

the other ironic thing is that the future of the documentary it doesn’t look good because nowadays the documentary needs TV for its survival and yet it is TV that is killing the documentary, I think this is true, most of audience,like me, I watching TV don’t really think documentaries as films,I think it is just shooting the real thing .The form of documentary its look people with no time for film-making. we all like to watch novel or fiction film, the situation is true, we can see most of  the very successful movie is Hollywood sci-fi movies, this is a trend, and may be this is a reason why the TV want to kill the documentary, because TV industry need to use less and less money to appeal the audience attention. Unfortunately, the documentary is not the one which can appeal audience’s attention.

Richard Leacock

In this article, the author shares his own story about process of making a film. and the one of the thing his mention is that rules can be broken. well this is a good point, actually when we film a interview or making a film, we need to repeat the same sense foe serval time, so asking anyone to repeat an action or a line is good to avoid  mistakes. and sometimes, break rule is a way to be creative.

A good filmmaker need to be with professional skill and knowledge, because this quality can help filmmaker to be more creative and to explore new thinking ways