Delectable Mountains 6: Programming concepts 2

屏幕快照 2015-05-14 下午1.20.37

This is very interesting program In this program they have some video which can teach you how to use basic computer knowledge to create something which you are interested. in this program  they have a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do. You can build things which  are from your ideas. For people who are professional in computer programming, this is a very good way for them to build something to help people’s live more easier. In this program, we trying to use code to join with Elsa and Anna to explore beauty and magic world. They use a new code way call  Blockly which is visual blocks to drag in and drag out in the program to create snowflake and patterns.

They teach you how to use code to create a simple line and also teaching you how to use different Blocklies create complex patterns and snowflake. As a beginner of this program, I didn’t feel stress in these program, may be this program was created for children, so they tried to make the whole process easier.The other funny thing is that  in the final step is to create any pattern of snowflake you want. so you can create  things yourself with your own sense of creativity.

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