Doubting Castle 3: Flipped Lecture (Triple-Aspects of Social Media)

This post is analyses the triple-aspects of social media ( for Lenny’s blog. it has some relevant for my group’s project( digital story-lego) as we are using social media to spread our stop motion project. What is mean social media is ‘triple-aspected’. Lenny explained

that, there three aspects being social media as a professional networking tool, a tool to market media projects and an emerging platform or aspects which cross for media project.  this social media thing and platform is very useful for our group members to think about how to use those media tool presenting the projects, because I have totally no idea about present our project and this is a good lesson for me to learn and analyses how to implement a social media strategy for a small production project. The example of the Toy Story 3 using Facebook, Twitter and Youtube campaign is a great example of a successful film franchise. Form very beginning, Disney and Pixar made it clear that individuals in their twenties would be  a big target for Toy Story 3. Although my group cannot able to make a more than one hour special cliffhanger screenings of our Lego project  and appeal college student to watch our small production project. We can use the similar strategy such as using Facebook to post our digital story product. Posting a targeted post. Using Twitter hashtag to research what kind of people like stop motion or what kind of people are interested in lego Etc.

The other ting inspired me is use your RSS feeds and hashtags to find out what is already going on about the topic of your production. It’s really helpful for us who are beginner of using Twitter, because we can hashtag our topic and discussion themes, The advice from Lenny say that making you social media searchable through the use of hashtags (Twitter, Instagram) and tag (blog). It is good way to connect with experts in your area, those experts have more experiences and their expertise skills which can help or inspired us. I think Twitter is good platform for beginner to search and to market your campaign. This link has some useful and interest information about using Twitter as an effective social tool to your own project.

Overall, in this article, I think Lenny trying to make clearly about using social media to develop professional networks instead posting meaningless tweets.

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