Introduction to Documentary

I’m happy to read those material which about different types of documentary.

It’s a very good lesson for me to know more about making a documentary. Firstly I read Modes of Documentary _ Bill Nichols

In this short summary of six modes of documentary, actually, I’m interested every types of documentary. The first mode is Expository, it “emphasizes verbal commentary and argumentative logic” often use a narrator. The voice is primary element in this type of documentary. However, if shooting a documentary or any video, I prefer to use images and footage to appeal audiences attention. In my opinion, visual images is more powerful than verbal.

I really like to use the Participatory Mode form in my documentary. Because our project is doing an interview, so it need interact with people. I think this mode is better than the observational mode, because the observational mode is more rough and shaky. When filmmakers of observational mode of documentary, they need to ignored by the surrounding environment. It more suitable for shooting outside, but in our project, we need to set up  and prepare all the equipment to shot our project, person sitting in the chair and use mic to record their voice, setting up the light. the participatory mode welcomes direct engagement between filmmaker and subject(s) ,the filmmaker becomes part of the events being recorded and impact the subject.

In addition, because this is documentary is about home, we need to explore people’s real feeling about home, guide them to say more about the feeling of home.  In this topic the Poetic mode cannot satisfy me.

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