Doubting Castle 4 Practice Ied Research

My group digital story is about lego stop motion.Whereas, this a huge work for a group only by 4 people. The key challenges is time and technique problems. If we do a thing like lego movies, it gonna take us a huge time to finish the project even just 2 minutes video so it is hard enough to organize my group members to do subject together. We both have not any animation skills. So it’s hard for us to learn a new thing without tutors who is an expert in this area.

One way we tried to overcome this issue was by dividing the roles of different tasks, I mean because we cannot meet each other regularly. We trying to make the division of tasks and responsibilities for every one.

A quick research of Google about stop motion, and there are a lot of information on the internet about stop motion or animation but, I can’t find any stop motion which are specific relevance with our project. Meanwhile, the comments are alway said , it need to take thousands photo to complete it. But obviously, we have no much time to do it. In addition, this is traditional way to make a stop motion, I did some academic search. According to Tom Gasek (2013) ‘Any animation is hard work, and you do not want to waste anyone’s time and energy. Creative ideas need to be drafted and carefully honed to impress any audience these days. We are a visual storytelling society, and much more discerning about filmmaking language than any time before. Having a good idea and an interesting way of telling it gains and holds an audience’s attention, and that is good communication.’

The author inspired me, because our change is time and technique problems, and actually I really anxiety on technique problems but the author give a author way to overcome these problems. Creative ideas may be help us to cover those problems,( just in this stage). and we also not waste group members time to think about technique problems .

Gulp. The world’s largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8. from Nokia HD on Vimeo.

I also came across the video call Gulp. 

The world’s largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8 by Sumo Science on searching Jenny’s blog (via the RSS feeds ) and feel a bit more confident about our project. Although in this blog, I didn’t found the processing of making a stop motion. Those stop motion works look more completed and gracefully delicate. It’s our goal to do a stop motion like this.


Tom Gasek 2013 ‘Frame by Frame Stop Motion’  publisher Focal Press January 17 .

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