Doubting castle 2: flipped lecture

This post will look at some knowledge on digital Drawing Techniques, I am confident with Drawing But not in Digital Drawing techniques, I hope I can learn some useful skill in Jenny’s lecture( and use those knowledge  to improve our digital storytelling project.

The lecture gives me lot of information about digital drawing. For instance, the lecture gives a great summary about bitmap, Lenny gives an image to show what is different about Vector and Raster.

Vector drawing is clean, precise, and it can look somewhat inhuman’   I have to say , those thing is totally new for me. A great thing is that if drawings are part of an animation, we probably choice vector drawing, because in Lenny’s blog, she mentions that ‘ images are more manipulable because they don’t lose quality at different resolution.’ but vector drawing is a little less ‘Natural’ But it is still a good way to simple adjust the resolution.屏幕快照 2015-06-05 下午4.43.23

Lenny gives some links about to help with digital drawing, However, I am very beginner about those skills, so I think those links are great, but I think some very basic links such as how to start a digital drawing  and show me how to use those tools.

So I did a quick research on Google, ‘How to draw a simple shape in Gimp or Photoshop, there are some links are very useful for people who are beginner on digital drawing (like me)  I found some link which are teach people you use gimp  in this lecture by Margot Dinardi. Margot gives very clear step how to use the tools of GIMP to draw a ‘heat’. It is different when I’m using Photoshop to draw a digital drawing.

In addition, I also found some video to teach me how to draw a basic shapes Although this video is teaching very basic like Circle , square , Rectangle and Oval, but it has useful information which I can learn on it.

Check out theses link about Photoshop, because as a beginner of Photoshop, I’m alway forget to create a new layers and hope this link can remind me how important to create layers when I use Photoshop to edit images.

Because our digital story is simplifying way of stop motion, and I also draw a cover picture about our project, but I not used digital way to draw on it. I think I can use photoshop to beautify my picture. The challenge is that we cannot use digital drawing to draw every thing, I mean, if I am good at using those technology, I probably use those skills to present our project but unfortunately the technique problem is a big challenge.  Another challenge is that you have an image in your mind that is both hard to verbalize or draw by hand.

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