Celestial City 2: produce a digital story

This blog entry will reflect our digital project, I really happy to work with my group members. We discuss all the time and trying to get everyone’s idea. Every group members like to contribute in our project.Finally, we did a great job. We all are new media people in this field,  Not any background information in media or in communication( social media) , So we did a lot of job on searching and figure out the technique skill’s problems. From a small idea, and then keep to  expand the ideas. To be honest, at the beginning I don’t know doing a stop motion which is a huge project for us (4 people), but we both like the lego movies, so we try our best to do a simplify version of lego stop motion.

In the group we had four members( Bronte Danny Stacy and I) At the start of the project, each of us were assigned specific tasks and take own responsibility for the project. I think we collaborated effectively although we alway faced the technique skill problems. However, some of the this was unavoidable because we are new in this field, and those circumstances cannot be figure out in a short-term. For instance, we need to get familiar with the Adobe produce, such as Photoshop, I went to a Photoshop work shop course in our school, But one class was totally not enough to make me feel confident to operate it.

However, we try forcing on everyone’s skills which we already had,and make a list about each members’ jobs

I am good at drawing, so I take responsibility on beautify our project and draw the cover sheet of our project.

Bronte is good at searching and writing a story, so she write the digital storytelling

Danny is good at editing, and it is also the biggest job in this project.

Stacy is focusing on spread out our project, Using social media to display our project, and always provides the good ideas.

Our social media campaign dose not end with the submission of our Course (CMWP) project, But we will keep going on promote this social  media campaign. We built a workplace account of  Facebook and Vimeo, there is a Facebook forum to discuss our project, and very welcome everyone to give some suggestions about our project.  We also used our private social media tools to tweets our project.

Active on Twitter

Active on Instagram.

Check out the links https://vimeo.com/130073432

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/theepicjourneylego

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