Peer Feedback

I am very happy to watch projects of digital story which from other groups and give the peer feedback.  Overall, I think everyone did a great job, cause I know some of them (just like me) have no any background information about media or social media. I’m impressed about their projects.

1. Difference is beautiful

Trailer was made by Francez, Dominic and Olivia, Difference is beautiful is well, beautiful.


  • A really good idea to show the gestures of indian. it very match to the digital story, the ideas was differ from other groups
  • I like the way that they present to us , Using different ways to edit the pictures.The colorful images are full of the indian style, Music is lovely.


  • Actually, I can’t understand the gestures in this video, Although it is a trailer, But I think it need to make the meaning of gestures more clear, because most of people could not understand well of indian’s gestures.  Perhaps they can use narrative way to explain the gestures.
  • It may be another way which could appeal audiences attention.

2 Namaste Bharat

This video made by Cici Seven Evey and Caroline

This group done a lot of pre-production work, and I think they did a good job on social media strategy, and I really like the blog which they wrote.


  • I like the opening of this video, very clear to show the video about what this video are made for. They have some interviewees give some feedback about what they though about India. There is a nice opening of the video which catch audiences eyes.
  • They are good at using Photoshop to edit they images. Nice idea added the pictures when Indian girl do an introduction of indian’s culture



  • The improvement is that they can be more good to be conscious of timing in their edit. I think the footage can be cut more perfectly, I cannot no hear some of the interviewees voices clearly, some of the footages were cut too quickly. May be need more gaps , more silence or more time to ponder. or may be can add subtitles

7 Days of Yoga Video

This blog supplemented with videos is made by Cassie, Shane, Peter and Tessa


  • It is interesting to watch these videos, Yoga is a big culture thing of India. It is cool to see them practice yoga in the video.
  • Great colour tone in this video, It makes me feel peaceful when I watch those video, and I think they chose music that complemented very well.
  • The footage which they edit were wonderful, Aesthetically though simple, used different angles to present Yoga, Cassie did amazing poses, all of the poses were perfect and  a good effort from Peter. Looking at those photographs may encourage someone to start learning Yoga.
  • I also like the blog posts that they wrote. I liked the yoga content and also their personal story of yoga.


  • They used 7 videos to present their project, it’s thoughtful, But if I were them, I would have put all of the footage together and divided them with words like day one, day two and so on. I like watch the whole video instead of having to scroll the page to find the next video.
  • They could also add some subtitles in the video, to show their feelings when practicing yoga or they could also add some poems to recreate the mood of practicing yoga.

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