PIM Project 1 Sketch 1


fire 1 from GUO on Vimeo.

I used the different frame to shot the fire flame, It a bit like people doing the selfie. Using different angle and filter to do selfies. I used slow motion to shoot the fire flame. Different people will have different perspective on fire. Some may think that fire is a dangerous thing, whilst others may feel that it is a good thing as it provides warmth during the cold winter. This is a strong interaction between people and fire.  People may think that it is a living thing, full of passion and energy  but there needs to be someone or something to maintain it. Everyone’s interpretation of fire is different, it depends on how people interact with fire.

I want to relate this fire flame to warmth, I walked through the lane almost every night  when I finish class. Every time I pass through this lane, there are always people around the fire,  chatting and eating away. This feeling is so great, even I’m not stay with those people, but I also felt warm when I look at the fire. This is the interaction between fire and people who eating or chatting at restaurant,  but for me  the  interaction with fire is warm when I look at fire.

I did not film the fire flame with the people around it as I felt that it would be a little rude to film them whilst they were eating and therefore was unable to show the relationship between the people and fire.

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