Post-Industrial Media

Group Members:
Bronte Chen (s3527691)
Minming Guo (s3476170)
Danni Li (s3474942)
Xiaole Ma (s3467129)

Case Study:
#Selfie #NoFilter

This short experimental film by Patrick Kelly was shot on an iPhone 4s and edited with After Effects. It simply showed the process of creating a selfie on Instagram, but raised many questions on the nature of selfies. There were also elements of social media, mobile photography aesthetics, ego and co-presence present in the film.

An identified affordance of a mobile phone is interaction. Interaction occurs “when two or more people or things communicate with or react to each other” (Cambridge Dictionaries Online n.d.). In our chosen case study, #Selfie #NoFilter, a mobile phone is used to create a selfie to share on Instagram and/or other social media platforms. The act of sharing allows for interaction between people through the use of computers, tablets, mobile phones and social media.

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