PIM Project 3 Sketch 1.4

Sketch 1.4

(rehearsal-time lapse)

From our chosen case study, #Selfie #NoFilter by Patrick Kelly, we identified the affordance of interaction as we felt that a selfie when shared online allowed for interaction between people.


IMG_2550 from GUO on Vimeo.

Sketch 1.4 is the same bunch of people doing the rehearsal. I have to admit this one was not good, because it was too short. I wanted to compare to previous one and see what is different between time lapse and normal model. As we can saw that when we using the time lapse, people were moving quickly. It becomes unreality, we can saw people move quick and when they interacted with others, they are more bit of  like robots. as we can see how people interact with others in the time lapse mode. Without the voice, the viewers may have no idea what is going on when they moved their hands.

The problem of this sketch is that it was very short, because the time lapse model is that shooting one minute for one second time lapse. the other problem is that it was not very clearly to see it because I was shot this one at night in the dark living room.


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