PIM Project 3 Sketch 1.5

From our chosen case study, #Selfie #NoFilter by Patrick Kelly, we identified the affordance of interaction as we felt that a selfie when shared online allowed for interaction between people.

Sketch 1.5 was my brother name Arlo who pretend as a bird. He tried to interact with me, Like playing hide and seek. He played a special instrument It sound like a bird. In this process,  It seems like we hadn’t interact.  actually he hided behind in the piano. and using sound to get me attention, I think this is very good, because in a footage, voice or music is very important part of the whole footage. It likes using voice to present an image. He showed me a voice, and I went to find him. This is very not straight way to connect and interact with people.

Sketch 1.5 was filmed in dark room and therefore a little hard to get the good quality footage,the room was messy as well. and in this footage it more like me interact with a sound. This was a problem as well. because I didn’t present well a good camera frame in this footage. But I thought it would be a good idea that from different perspective of using voices to interact with people.


IMG_2548 from GUO on Vimeo.

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