PIM Project 3 Sketch 1.7

From our chosen case study, #Selfie #NoFilter by Patrick Kelly, we identified the affordance of interaction as we felt that a selfie when shared online allowed for interaction between people.

Sketch 1.7 is my Homestay brother Arlo play the piano. I wanted to show the interaction between piano and his finger. The sketch showed a direct interaction between he and piano and an indirect interaction between he and music score. The sketch mainly shows how his finger interact with piano, and how his fingers was dancing on the key. In temporal relationships how Arlo interact with piano and do a music creation. Besides, through the footage we can see some music score in front of him. But he didn’t interact with music score. It may just like the footage of #Selfie #NoFilter by Patrick Kelly, Selfie but no filter. In this sketch it can be compose and no music score.

The improvement of this sketch is that should be shooting this sketch into the Slo-motion next time, because turn to the Slo-motion, we might clearly see his finger dancing. But I quite like the light effect of Sketch 1.7. It was bright and sort.

IMG 2570 from GUO on Vimeo.

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