PIM Project 3 Sketch 1.8

Sketch 1.8 was me interacting with Arlo who is my little boy. We sit in coach and watch TV, and we plan to shoot a funny video. Arlo is so nice and lovely boy, and he definitely enjoy to help me to film this shot.

In this video, when I said word’ xiu’ and he was pulling out. We pretend that I have a power which can flip people without touch them. So when he asked me a question about the leg of tortoise. I just flipped him, We  did a several time, and this time the footage was not bad. He just be flipped out of the carpet. That is really funny. We made a  funny atmosphere which hoping people will enjoy that interaction when they watch those video.  For me it is nice making people laughing,  and it also not that hard to film a video like this, Because we see many  funny videos in Youtube or Vimeo were shot by using cell phone. I think there are  two interaction in this video. One is people who are in the  camera frame, they had interaction with each other , another one is that people who watching this video, and they laughed.

Sketch 1.8 was shoot in the dark room. So we barely see person face. I think next time I can do it in the day, or in place which are brightly.


biu from GUO on Vimeo.

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