PIM Project 3 Sketch 2.2

From our chosen case study, #Selfie #NoFilter by Patrick Kelly, we identified the affordance of interaction as we felt that a selfie when shared online allowed for interaction between people.

Sketch 2.2 is a person who play his music. When we finished the dinner, we seated on the coach and watched the TV, my brother Theo said that he created a music, and wanted to share with us. So we turn down the TV volume, started his music. I realize that this a really good interaction between images and music, because the context of TV had not any relative with the music. But when we play the music, we thought the music can be  really good to match the images. It also like the second time of media present, the TV was present on the TV screen and I used my phone to shot it again. 

Sketch 2.2 was filmed on a bright room, and therefore was relatively easy to get good shots. The problem was that Theo presented in the camera frame for once. Actually I need to film his interaction with his music and TV. The interaction between person and music would be more clear, if I shot Theo more times.

IMG 2591 from GUO on Vimeo.

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