PIM Project 3 Sketch 2.4

From our chosen case study, #Selfie #NoFilter by Patrick Kelly, we identified the affordance of interaction as we felt that a selfie when shared online allowed for interaction between people.

Sketch 2.4 is a piece of s person playing the guitar. In this sketch, I wanted to show how excited of Theo interact with his guitar. The person who in the frame is very talent and creative, he loves perform. In this sketch, just only he play the music, It’s little hard to present how he interact with me. But we also can see how funny action he did, and how he makes me happy.
I love this sketch, because our affordance is interaction, and in this sketch, Theo did a really good job to interact with us, he used his body language and fiscal expression to make me laugh. This is a good example of connection between people, I think, a good interaction between people have to impress people. Making people laugh or makes people thinking. In this sketch, I will think about how to make my project 4 to be more impressive and meaningful.

Sketch 2.4 was filmed on a little bit dark room during the night, and therefore was relatively a little bit hard to get a good shots.

IMG 2447 from GUO on Vimeo.

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