PIM final version

Compare to my rough cut video, I changed quite lot this time because I want to use the horizontal video to present my work. Because I don’t like the vertical video on the internet. It’s easy and convenient for people who shoot mobile videos in portrait mode but I prefer the widescreen format rather than skinny and tall video. In addition I think it is a uncouth amateurs if you upload the vertical video on the internet.

I used the same way to upload my footages into the Premiere, Firstly, I used the slo motion and time lapse to shoot my friends’ lips  and then drag those footages into the iMovie, If I upload the original footage into the Premiere, those slo motion and time lapse footages become to the normal version. I still have no idea why It doesn’t play out like it is in the phone.

Because all of my footages were filmed vertically, so this time I have to restart film the lips video in horizontally. and I also filmed my friends in a same place and same time,because it can make all of my footages have the same color and background.

I change quite a lot in my last video. last time I just put all the videos together , and I didn’t edit much on it. Moreover, it only the slo motion in my draft one, but in the final version. I embed the time lapse and slo motion together. Those video effects make the last video become to more funny and unique. I also add the music into on it . I think the music is really good to match my final  version.

peng dudu from GUO on Vimeo.


Project 4 version 1. week 11


In my project, I want to use slo motion to depict people’s lip movement, and slo motion is really good idea to shoot the lip move in that way. I think this is very easy and convenient to use phone to film people’s lip movement. and using Slo motion can make the lip’s movement to be more funny and unique.

The problems

The slo-motion version can not be played when the footage was uploaded into the Premiere, the footages become to normal video, and I don’t know why it doesn’t play out like it is in the phone.so I import the footages into the iMovie, and then use the iMovie to put those footages together, and then import the footage back to the Premiere. but the another problem is that footage were cropped, because I used vertical video to film people’s lip and the Footages are cropped, you can only see them bottom lips. Usually, I prefer to shot the vertical photos and videos because you can hold you phone in one hand. and I didn’t think about it can become a problem.

The big problem is that, all of my footage were filmed vertically,  so I have to film the those footage again in horizontally. because Horizontal images are roughly the same format as how we see the world and have some distinct properties. But the other thing is that I might not find many people to do their lip movement again. as all the people I film were in different places and time of day. Therefore, was a different color and background.

lips from GUO on Vimeo.