PIM final version

Compare to my rough cut video, I changed quite lot this time because I want to use the horizontal video to present my work. Because I don’t like the vertical video on the internet. It’s easy and convenient for people who shoot mobile videos in portrait mode but I prefer the widescreen format rather than skinny and tall video. In addition I think it is a uncouth amateurs if you upload the vertical video on the internet.

I used the same way to upload my footages into the Premiere, Firstly, I used the slo motion and time lapse to shoot my friends’ lips  and then drag those footages into the iMovie, If I upload the original footage into the Premiere, those slo motion and time lapse footages become to the normal version. I still have no idea why It doesn’t play out like it is in the phone.

Because all of my footages were filmed vertically, so this time I have to restart film the lips video in horizontally. and I also filmed my friends in a same place and same time,because it can make all of my footages have the same color and background.

I change quite a lot in my last video. last time I just put all the videos together , and I didn’t edit much on it. Moreover, it only the slo motion in my draft one, but in the final version. I embed the time lapse and slo motion together. Those video effects make the last video become to more funny and unique. I also add the music into on it . I think the music is really good to match my final  version.

peng dudu from GUO on Vimeo.


One thought on “PIM final version

  1. Kaitlyn Isham 2016-03-04 / 09:17

    I love the final video! Looks so good with the effects! And my girl Danni is in it!


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