Task 2 write a digital narrative outline

Narrative outline:

There are some young people who live in awful conditions. They are not interested in a full time job but rather spending all their time, day and night, producing and creating oil-paintings. This is reality documentary-making depicting art graduates who paint continually. The story will show them creating artworks and living their daily lives. I also will interview them to talk about their experience and insight into life as an artist. This video will also display the struggle they endure with the people who are against them. Some parents are totally against their choice to work as an artist and would prefer them to have a ‘normal job’ and live a ‘normal life’. In China most parents hope their children will be lawyers, engineers, doctors etc. They think those are decent jobs. Of course they want their children to be able to support their own family. They believe that jobs in the arts can’t earn good incomes, especially in small cities.  In this video, I want to show the conflicts between young artists and their parents and will also gather the opinions of parents plus their mentors. The tutors of young artists are very supportive towards their students and fully understand their conflicts.

After these young artists graduate, they call themselves artists. They believe they are experts in their field. They believe they will successful. Some young artists are still living near the university to chase their dreams, whereas some of them will give up due to feeling too much stress and confusion. I will also focus on university tutors and professors to show the advice they give to their students. If these tutors are happy to share their own experience – how did they overcome the challenge when they were young? They may offer words of advice. Although this is a reality show, I will also write down the storyboard and script, because it will have several different scenarios and need to take the different scenes in different spots. I would like to do some interviews with parents if they are happy to sit in front of the camera, to see what opinions will come up.

I also will interview art collectors, to get their expert opinion on what potential these young artists are showing. What kind of achievements have they made two years after graduation? Are they being closer to their dreams or not? Which art genre are currently appealing to an audience and what art are people buying? The gallery management and art dealer would be the next interviewees, as these young artists will be hoping to exhibit their work. What advice would a gallery manager give them? Do they think their works have potential or not? Are their artworks catering to the audience aesthetic? I also will interview a few visitors in the galley randomly, to ask them their opinions on the art works.

What has been accomplished by these young artists in two years after graduation? I know some of them send their works to the China International Poster Biennial. Some of them get a fairly good result. Their artworks become more mature and display their own painting style. How do they feel about the work they’re creating? Have their skills improved? What sort of audience response is their art evoking?

These artists and their tutors have founded an art alliance called Wave, meaning that they’re hoping more and more artists can join in this group, especially the upcoming young artists.  They have their own gallery in this Art organization.

One of the sponsors gives them a free space for painting in, as most young artists spend their money on pigment and other painting material and equipment and often don’t have to means to rent a space. So in the first 3 years, the sponsor provides a place for them for free. I would like to interview this sponsor to see what he stands to gain from being so generous.

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