Task 3: investigate digital tools

YouTube and Instagram

YouTube: video  Instagram: images (A image worth than thousand words)

YouTube is great platform to start posting my documentary. YouTube at this point is by far the most dominant video hosting site on the Internet.

And It is very easy and conveniences for uploader to uploaded the video to their YouTube account. Many people have now come to understand the world through the YouTube paradigm where news or entertainment are mediated via videos that can be accessed anywhere at any time.

The reason that I upload my video on the YouTube because that YouTube have some really good feature, one of them is that YouTube has an information box. I really like this function because this feature gives a detail about uploader, you also can put your other social media platform account on here. Providing more information to viewers.

YouTube also allow you to playback videos that other users have uploaded. When you join YouTube you make an account or channel, this is where you uploaded videos. You don not have to be a member of YouTube to watch videos. My documentary is comprising 3 episodes each of them 3-5 minutes in length. I think YouTube is a great platform to achieve my goal. Otherwise, YouTube have a comment section which allows the viewers to leave the comment. They can express their feeling about the contents, leave the comments and discuss it.


YouTube editor provides a simple tool for you to edit videos offline and then upload the footages to YouTube. You can simply go to Editor and edit all your content online adding effects. There are some basic edit options which allows you to transitions and cropping your videos as needed on your timeline.

One of most useful features on YouTube is annotations but also one of the most underused features.  Annotations allows you to create clickable links within videos that can link to playlists, channels, and videos. It’s very handy feature. With annotations you can layer text, links, and hotspots over your video. It helps you enrich the video experience by adding information, interactivity and engagement.


Instagram as a mainstream social media platform for people sharing images everyday. There are more than 70 million photos are uploaded to Instagram and users are clicking the like button 2.5 billion times. As a visual platform, Instagram is perfect for catching audience’s attention rather than utilizing text.  As I mention in Task 2 before, I will also make a 15 second highlight video to promote my documentary on Instagram. Beside, I will make an official Instagram account for them. I will put the video link and images on Instagram and also share their splendid artworks on the Instagram. The audiences can click the different links to see more information about them. If the viewers are interested to buy these art work, they can contact with these artists.

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