Task 9 EPOC media objects

Why Do You Need a storyboard?

A film storyboard is essentially a series of frames, with drawings of the sequence of events in a film, like a comic book of the film or some section of the film produced beforehand. It helps film, cinematographers and television commercial advertising clients visualize the scenes and find potential problems before they occur- Wiki


Creating a storyboard is extremely important for planning out your video for your pre-production.

It is a graphic representation of how your video will unfold, shot by shot.  Storyboard always embed with the notes, because the storyboard will be jot down some notes about what is happening.


Storyboard is for sketch your story how scenes will look like. It doesn’t have to incredibly detailed and draw all of props or use color. You don’t have to be great at drawing either. Just provide enough details about what is happening and which character are in the scene and what the framing will look like. Because you always can write down the script and notes to help fill in the rest of the detail.



Storyboard is made up of a number of squares with pictures to represent each shot.  You can always write some notes about what is going on in the scene what is being said in the script during that shot. It’s very easy and convinces that to remind you what shot going to take step by step.


The aim of making a storyboard is that storyboard is easier to share and explain your concept for your video with other. Storyboard seem as an integral part of your video making process because it not only help visualize your ideas for your client but also help the production and post production.


Sometimes we had experiences where trying to explain something and other person can’t understand and see your vision. Someone may just can’t read through a text, such as script. But when you have a storyboard, you can show people how your video going to be, and what it will look like. This make it infinitely easier for other people to understand your idea.


Why do we need a Storyboard?

– Easy for you to explain and share your vision to people

– Time saving: The storyboard may cover all the angles and frames that you will shot. It will become very handy during making the videos. It also will save time in revisions later.





屏幕快照 2016-05-07 10.36.14 pm.png

you can do a very beautiful one with the colour, props and details but you also can draw very simple and rough one.

屏幕快照 2016-05-07 10.32.55 pm.png

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