Task 5 Audiences analysis

Why are you creating this story? Goals, rationale, purpose, premise? What do you want your audience to experience or understand?

I have been thinking to make this documentary last year, I am huge passionate on the visual art. I also know some young artists who live in awful condition but still keeping for chasing their dream. I want let more people to know their situation.

Purpose:  Because some of these young artist’s parents are against they drawing, they want their children find normal live and live in a normal life. I hope this video can educate these parents to support their children.


Premise: The purpose is to encourage the young person or artist to chase their dreams, despite the financial uncertainty

For Art dealer: some Art dealer may be interested in these artworks, and want to buy one.


What is your story?

My story is about some young people who live in awful conditions. They are not interested in a full time job but rather spending all their time, day and night, producing and creating oil-paintings. This is reality documentary-making depicting art graduates who paint continually. The story will show them creating artworks and living their daily lives. I also will interview them to talk about their experience and insight into life as an artist.

In what way will it be original, surprising, human, passionate, truthful or relevant to your audience?

This Documentary could as an educational video for these young artists’ parents. I also will make an Instagram account for them to upload their artworks on Instagram, Instagram also provides a platform for them to showcase their works, to let more people see about Chinese artworks.

Where will you publish your story?

I will upload this video on YouTube and the picture I will upload on Instagram.

What platform/s and hardware are suited to your audience? E-books, blogs, videos, photos, podcasts, tweets, status updates, apps, games, forums, websites?

Because this is traditional documentary, so I will make a 3-5 episodes’ video each of them 3-5 minutes in length. It could be like as a showreel which to display on the YouTube. I also post these artworks on the Instagram.

Who is your audience? Who is your target viewer/user – i.e. the group you will target in promoting the work?

It could be as an educational video for parents of young artists, who are potentially aged around 50-60. The target audience could also be young people around the age of 20-30. They are passionate about art but also concerned about the unstable lifestyle and potential irregular income. They are struggling and wondering if the artistic life is right for them. Art dealers and collectors could also be interested in this video which acts somewhat as a showcase for the work of these young artists. They would then be able to follow through and make contact.


When will you create the content and start to engage your audience?

I will film this project at around mid June. What is the production process and publishing schedule?


production schedule  
6/06 B-roll
7/06 photo shoot
8/06 artists living condition
10/06 Interview(Young artists)
11/06 Interview( 2 Tutors)
12-13/06 filming the gallery


publishing schedule:

Review the footages – 14/06 – 16/06

Review the photography – 14/06 – 16/06





How will your audience participate in the narrative? Will they be able to contribute to the narrative, alter the narrative, respond to the narrative?

The audiences can go to the YouTube to find out this documentary. The viewers can leave the comments and discuss the content, talking about the feeling about this video. they can give some feedback to me.

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