Google Alert#1: I am a commercing student studying in master of media, I do not have any background of it, so everything for me is new, I like to a accept new things. When asking someone what is the media, majority of people will answer TV, book, film, billboard and so on. That’s right. Media is a tool to connect the public or it can be say like that it is a way which can be community with online people. Now many people have those App to post their daily life in internet. So this is a reason why so many young people are fascinated with it. In the google alert I received today. There was a article about social media connects and distract, academy ,which is talking about Blogs and Twitter can help students combat the feeling of being alone but the benefits are limited. i can recognize some social media are very helpful for students to work out their tasks. and even for killing time. But the part of my feeling is that should we rely on too much on blogs or Facebook. l know it is a trend in the future, the technology change the way of our communication but it good for new generation? and why now so many parents complain technology.

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