The initiative post

When editing the video, I realize that new media technologies  is really important to improve the movies quality.

I read a book about Using new media technologies to transform film. The author Grieb, Margit says that In the last decade the term “new media has all not become synonymous with emerging digital technologies. New media emerge from within a historical, socio-political  so I strongly believe that new media should be used as improving the process of filmmaking, but sometimes New media technology may be confuse some people who are focusing on showing the new technique of new media. When people using new media to produce a film ,director cannot  just shot something meaningless, or illuminate how powerful of new media function as a technology in a film. Actually new media should be as a dynamic force in contemporary culture

I think about why most of the audiences are not interested in documentary,  even they don’t think documentary is a film.  Sometimes Filmmaker use large budget to produce a documentary with new media and even they use a lot of new technologies to shot a documentary, but it still can’t catch the audiences attention.  I think because producer or director they didn’t think about how to use culture thing to appeal the audiences, or they just showing the film visual effect. But  of course

New Media Technologies is really good thing to help filmmaker to edit and improve the quality of film

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