Enchanted Ground 1: Social stories

I using Popcorn Maker do a short video, Popcorn Maker mozilla, learning how to remix web video, audio and images into mashup that you can embed on other websites. because This is first time I use this website, so at the beginning , I am not get used to it. I upload the video from the Vimeo and this video which belong to me. In this website, you can use tool menu to add image, text and popup. SO it is a creative thing which you can make a video on your ways.

It also has some drawbacks, the function is not powerful enough. There are a few options which can pick to beatify your video. And the other thing is that It take long time to upload the image and video(at least in my laptop).

The good thing is you can add various of media in your project such as vimeo youtube soundCloud and Clay, I am trying to unload the video which belong to my laptop, but I didn’t find the right way to do that

.屏幕快照 2015-06-07 下午2.00.04

In this project I am doing something relevance to mystery, I trying to use Popcorn Maker to connect with my digital story, using all the images to present this new project. But It’s not that easy to do that .

The theme of this video is about losing and mystery, I used some pictures when we shot in the first class (the black and white one).

I am happy to combination of those pictures and use them to create a new story. My incorporation of a Twitter feed adds more interest to the work.屏幕快照 2015-06-07 下午1.30.37


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