PIM project 1 Sketch 2

Are human beings the only one that can take a  selfie? What about animals and using the same frame to make animal selfies? I have two lovely cats, one is very social and other one is a little bit dull. So I thought about shooting animals and using the same frame as that of people taking a selfie. I tried to shoot my cats but they were unwilling to collaborate with me.

So I shot the fishes in the tank, and was curious as to what they thought of this world. Do they know what’s going on when we get closer to them by using a camera? Do they like to take selfies? But for me, I feel that animals have a connection with its surroundings and that there is interaction between me and the fishes.

The fish was facing towards me when I shot this. I was very happy  to capture this as it was like they were asking me to take a selfie of it. Those interaction were between me and them.

It is really hard for me to avoid the ambient sound  when I shot it . Moreover, we can’t adjust the fishes’ movement trajectory because it was uncontrolled.

I felt that we were interacting with each other. The fish was smiling at me when I was recording it, it’s like we have a face to face communication. on the other hand, may be the fish was curious why I were so close to them.

fishes from GUO on Vimeo.

Using iMovie edited this video



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