#7 Reflection on the course

I think Sound and Image is most interesting course rather than another courses in this semester.

In the beginning of this course, we learn how to figure out of the equipments, we learn how to work in a group to shot a short video. It was really fun, we learned how to use mixer and how to set up the camera, I get  more confident to deal with camera, but not in mixer, but I think I will borrow mixer from school , and trying to get familiar with it.

After this semester, I think I feel more confident and passion in the basic edit of footage, and I really have passion on editing. Because I really interested on edit footage. I like to change the original footage, and using my creative thinking to edit the film.

In this semester, I learn how to be a different crew role in a team work, and we alway swap our roles. Most of time, I be a camera man or to be a  people who need to setting up the light. The one thing I learn from this course is that I will analysis the footages when I watch the movie. I mean, as before, I just enjoy the movies, enjoying the 3D effect or something, but now I will think about how this footage to be shot, and how editor edit the sequence. I try to put myself in a  professional situation to analysis the film.  That’s awesome!

This course encourage me to film a movies in the future, I know it still take long time to finish this goal. But I feel happy, passion and feeling confident to do that. Making videos which can satisfy myself and others

I also want to get a working experience in our school, and I know one is call ‘RMITV’  my classmate she is working on that group, and it looks wonderful . I mean, you work with people who are loving and full of passion on doing this job. They are sharing the ideas, helping each other, and shooting a beautiful video.It’s wonderful. In the next semester, I will reply to get work on that place and earning working experiences from that.

I know I am not very good at to be a camera operator, I mean, at now, we need to copy or imitate other people’s shooting style, But actually, everyone has they own shooting style, For instance, everyone has they own style when they draw a picture. Even ten people draw a same sense, but they will have ten different painting works. I think that Shooting style is same as well.

For now, I will try the best to edit my documentary project. Using the technique I learn from this course to beautify my work.

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